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The Reason for the Season


Raised by a wise, strong minded single mother, Sylvia grew up loved and supported by her mother and sister. Sylvia's journey has been one of survival through some of the worst things life could throw at a person. With faith, family and friends, whom Sylvia lovingly calls her tribe, "evolution of self" began. Sylvia's training and passion as a strong leader led her to be a survivor of molestation and domestic violence, overcome addictions and incarceration in her family, and combat negative self thoughts. Her winning attitude came from her refusal to remain a victim and now she coaches others to find strength within themselves to conquer their challenges.

Today she is a strong believer in the "Evolution of Self." Sylvia wholeheartedly believes if you want change bad enough and are willing to put in the work, a metamorphosis is inevitable.  The most important lesson she's learned during her journey is to help others find joy despite their circumstances.

PURE Empowerment Seminars has worked with over 13,000 youth, women, families and professional teams since 2011 through workshops, seminars, and other programs such as the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP), Generation Leadership, California Police Activities League (PAL), Sheriff's Activity League (SAL) and private companies.  Sylvia also completed a life long goal in 2021 and began empowering women groups in Africa via her workshops such as the Greenspring Development Initiative's "The Resilient Working Woman in the New Normal;  African Liberation Day Ceremony and Historical Africa Cultural Center (based in the United States). PURE also participates as a community activist with local political parties, law enforcement and churches to assist with the eradication of drugs, domestic violence, sex trafficking and other humanitarian projects.

We want to help you find your joy!

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