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The Beautiful Butterfly 

Are you ready? Are you really ready for the journey to become a beautiful butterfly?

The journey begins with a hairy and scary little creature inching along and trying to find its place in life. Taking forever and a day to get from point A to point B. Tired and exhausted from all the obstacles in life and realizing that you aren't what you intended to be, but you're not willing to give up.

Next you decide to stop along the way and take a rest, make a plan, create a vision and before long you realize that you're stuck in this place, this thing called a cocoon.

You push, you pull, you scream and you fight as it begins to squeeze you tighter and tighter. What are you going to do with this life that has you turned upside down? You begin to feel intense pain and realize you are growing;  but you know you can only truly do that outside of the space you're in right now. You then gather all your strength, all your might and give it everything you have to set yourself free and in a flash, you're free; but you've changed.

You notice you have wings and they are colorful and beautiful. You notice you have room to fly.  You notice the new place is bigger and better than the old, but most of all you have a different view.  You notice your vantage point is no longer from the ground, but from the sky.

Are you prepared to take flight? 

You bet your wings I AM.

.....Sylvia Garner.....

Photo Shoot C.jpg

Sylvia Garner wears several hats including wife, mother, grandmother, published author, Keynote Speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and activist. Sylvia is a firm believer in "evolution of self" to assist people in reaching their desired goals in life. Sylvia's purpose is to help others find the joy within despite their circumstances. She believes evolution includes the willingness to change and the desire to grow.

In 2022, Sylvia became Certified in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP). She believes in using this certificaton to help clients seek Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). This insight will help clients to build stronger relationships, spirituality, and inner strength. By shaping a positive identity, Sylvia belives you can enhance your self-worth, purpose and sense of belonging.

 January 2018 through January 2022, Sylvia took on a new endeavor partnering as a Life Coach with Honorable Services Career Center, a veteran career center in the Antelope Valley. As the Life Coach, Sylvia worked with veterans transitioning from the military looking for balance and peace in their civilian life. Not only did she work with veterans, she also worked with their spouses and their families to create a supportive unit within their family structure. Along with her Life Coaching responsibilities, Sylvia facilitated free seminars for the community because she enjoys the life of giving back to others to find their inner strength to evolve into the person they want to become. Earning the title of Keynote Speaker in several arenas has truly enhanced her desire to assist her community.

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