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How can we help you evolve?

We want to help you find your voice, become the person you want to be and create a dynamic team to rise above the fold. Allow us to come in and transform your minds, hearts and find the joy within. 

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Dr. Octavia Brown PhD, 


I had the pleasure of attending several workshiops provided by PURE Empowerment Seminars. Sylvia ia a life transforming speaker. She makes you dig into the inner parts of your mind and emotions to admit things to yourself you do not want to reveal Having transperancy within is life changing, but Sylvia does not leave you with the hurt, she helps you release it creating triumph and pride where the hurt once lived. 
Adminstrator, Honorable Services Career Center

Am Treasures Uchegbu, Nigeria

"I’ve watched closely many professional speakers come and go. However, there are some brands that have weathered the storm and have impacted thousands of souls." I believe Mrs. Garner and PURE Empowerment Seminars to be one of those brands.
StickyFingers Network

Jennifer Lopez,


“It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge PURE Empowerment Seminars for presenting years of workshops and Keynote Speaker events for our organization. Sylvia’s candid style constantly wins the heart of youth and officers the moment she begins speaking. And to no surprise, she always receives high ratings amongst our workshop presenters and speakers. Sylvia has also worked with my team during my time at the National Teen Leadership Program.  I was honored that she agreed to work with me within the CAL PAL organization as well. So, if you get a chance to bring her into your organization or conference, do it before someone else books her.”
Executive Director, California PAL
“During the Annual Women's Symposium, I was fortunate to attend the "Power of 'Wellbeing Workshop" lead by Mrs. Garner. Mrs. Garner is a dynamic speaker, she spoke her truth fearlessly and shared her triumphs. I was especially moved by her demonstration in which she showed the class how hard it is to deal with our own issues and challenges if we keep holding on to the issues and challenges of others. Wellbeing is essential and I left her workshop feeling empowered and ready to remove/overcome barriers that have been holding me back. It was such a worthwhile workshop, and I am blessed to have attended it.” 
Roxanne Faber
Acting City Clerk | City of Palmdale
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